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Behind Esperantz& Klautilde. 

Esperance and Marie-Clotilde aspired to create a brand that defines their personalities which are different but can be complementary at the same time. Both have creative backgrounds: Esperance Fashion Styling, Fashion Illustration, Art and Marie-Clotilde Fashion Design, International Business Management. After many discussions they agreed to combine their experiences and skills, and Esperantz & Klautilde was born.

"We want to use our creativity to produce with no limit, we love fashion and it was just right to start Esperantz & Klautilde"

We define Esperantz & Klautilde as Moody Fashion as we love trends but we are not following them, we are wearing pieces out of season and even look for particular items all the time. Our brand is offering handmade, wearable art and upcycled uniquely made pieces or in limited edition and also vintage pieces that are handpicked by us with love. 

Our aim is to provide unique items, physical or digital, to our customers. We have always tried to fit in this society but as creatives, we understood that doing things out of the box and being uncommon it's fine.

"We want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ who his strengthen us everyday to accomplish is work (Philippians 4:13)"​

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