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The Dorcas Collection

Greek Definition: Gauze; Beauty

Dorcas was a Jesus Christ Disciple in the Bible, she used to create clothes for the needy and also used to do good things around her. 



Bourse Bag Description

Handmade mini purse bag, inspired by the 18th century which was usually used to store and carry coins, papers, letters, alms, bibles and more.


The Dorcas Bourse bag has been handmade in a lustrous heavy red wine duchess satin fabric, with a twisted handle and a twisted sliding lace to close the bag. Can carry 750g max.

+ Mini Purse

+ Twisted handle

+ Twisted sliding lace

+ Duchess Satin: silk & viscose




Length: 16cm

Width: 12cm

Depth: 20cm

Handle: 38cm

Dorcas Red Wine Bourse Bag

SKU: D005
  • Handle with care

    Washing Machine - Cold water, delicate cycle. Inside out

    Hand-wash - Cold water. Use gentle chemical free detergent. Inside out. Do not wring or twist garment to drain water.

    Ironing -  Iron without steam.

    Steaming - Do not steam.

    Dry - Air dry. Protect from direct sunlight

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